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What a Good Day For a Weird Reddit Installment!

We Have So Much To Catch Up On

I Am Filled With Purpose

Get It Together, Internet Strangers

Royal Babby

How Dare They

Getting On With It

Look At Me, I'm Murphy Brown!

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"THIS WEEK," As I Said...a Few Days Ago

Extra-Special Reddit Curation Thread

What a Week, huh?

Extra Special Reddit Curation

What I Am Reading On Reddit This Morning

Pivoting But Not To Video

Exfoliation: Beyond St. Ives

Let's Talk About Dupes (Subscribers Only!)

I Have Some New Recommendations!

Essences: Watery Joy

Toners: What and Why

Nicole's Fav Secret Weapons II

Nicole, What Are Your FAV Secret Weapons?

How Do I Even Get STARTED?


I just feel like I could help your whole deal be a little better.