FETCH THE BOLT CUTTERSDISCUSS. What tattoos are you considering? I’m thinking '“I told you I didn’t want to go to this dinner” in Garamond wrapping around my ribcage.
oh, my week
Friday Open Thread!I want all your most petty complaints. I demand them. And your tiny accomplishments. Funny tweets! Rants! Let it all out, baby.
if I hadn't opened and saved a bunch of tabs yesterday, today's newsletter would just be crying
Now with even more vital info
I apologize My baby was sick yesterday and then slammed her hand in a door (nothing broken! only owies) so you have an open thread today. Tomorrow will be e…
Monday Open Thread!For mysterious technical reasons, my Friday post did not get emailed out, so you can chit-chat here instead!!!!
music days can be nice
it means nothing, but we made it
(gestures to newsletter)
Okay. Tiger King Open Thread. There will be spoilers. What are your top 5 moments? Who is the most fucked-up person? (It’s Doc Antle, but I’m open to your thoughts.) Also I h…
it's so coooooold