Just a Normal Thursday, On Reddit

Not even a Featured Pet. Just straight Reddit nonsense. All for you. No, obviously we need a pet. FOUR PETS, even. Two cats (boys!), two dogs (girls!) Please meet Pica and Myth and Aria and Izzy. Their human companion, Misty, reports that Pica (black and white) “who is 9, got his first job at approximately six weeks old, when he and his sister Bella were hired at the newspaper where I worked. Their job didn't last long, and they came home with me instead. Unfortunately, Bella had FIV and is no longer with us, but Pica is healthy as can be and also extremely loud. The only toy he really loves is (pictured) a shoestring with a ponytail holder tied to one end and a felt cat toy tied to the other. He's obsessed with that thing.”

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