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Not even a Featured Pet. Just straight Reddit nonsense. All for you. No, obviously we need a pet. FOUR PETS, even. Two cats (boys!), two dogs (girls!) Please meet Pica and Myth and Aria and Izzy.

Their human companion, Misty, reports that Pica (black and white) “who is 9, got his first job at approximately six weeks old, when he and his sister Bella were hired at the newspaper where I worked. Their job didn't last long, and they came home with me instead. Unfortunately, Bella had FIV and is no longer with us, but Pica is healthy as can be and also extremely loud. The only toy he really loves is (pictured) a shoestring with a ponytail holder tied to one end and a felt cat toy tied to the other. He's obsessed with that thing.”

“Myth (orange) is 12 and was born on April Fool's Day in my grandma's garage, one of five kittens. He was my college graduation present, though he now absolutely prefers my mom's company and only grudgingly lets me snuggle him. He is the kind of cat that absolutely loves having his belly rubbed until he's had enough, at which point he will suddenly stop purring and start hissing. One time when we had a guy over to look at our ceiling/roof, Myth climbed the guy's ladder and disappeared into the drop ceiling for a few hours, reappearing several hours later, covered in dust and cobwebs. He still loves to climb ladders any chance he gets.”

“Aria (pit bull) is my sister's trucking dog, and she is three years old. She is very well-trained and loves being a lap dog. She's severely allergic to chicken and has cauliflower ears due to a previous owner not getting her ear infection treated. She enjoys wearing clothes, to the point that she whines when you take them off her. Aria and Pica are buds and often get on my lap together.”

“Izzy (Shih Tzu) is a new addition, even though she's older -- nine years old, to be specific. We adopted her from the county animal shelter in March; her (only) previous owner was in assisted living but had to move into a nursing home. She is a stubborn old lady and likes to make her displeasure known, so we call her Granny Grunt a lot (I also call her Grizzly Bear or Drizzle). She only smiles when she goes for car rides. Her favorite thing to do is sleep, and she is obsessed with my mom.” 

Thank you so much, Misty! We love them all.


We’ve dated seriously for maybe 6 months.

I recently got out of an incredibly toxic relationship and he took care of me when my ex was doing some psychotic things (entering my home, stalking me).

He knew of my pets, had stayed in my home, and has interacted with them in positive ways. I have two cats (bonded pair) and a bearded dragon. Taking care of animals has greatly improved my life due to the loneliness of my situation/depression. I have a natural need to take care of and be a mother to something. Having pets always kept me busy and away from bad habits, and I feel in a way that my identity is some what attached to taking care of animals since it is something I have been doing since my childhood.

That being said, recently I have been put in a bad situation. I moved to a different state with my now ex where housing is much more expensive. Studio apartments generally run at least $1000 for the bare minimum. I currently pay $1295 a month for my one bedroom apartment. Although I have enough income to take care of myself and my cats, not having a roommate (my ex) has put a lot of pressure on me financially. Although I could try and get a roommate that is accepting of my animals and can stay in the bedroom while I sleep in the “living room,” my current partner has been very adamant that I rehome my pets and move in permanently with him for free (he also doesn’t pay for rent because it’s a work house and about 3+ middle aged men also stay there). I have asked if my pets could stay in the house we live in, but he said that since it’s a shared space, it would be too gross to have animals. Since he doesn’t pay rent, obviously the cheapest option available is the best for him, even if he lives with 3 other men and stays couped up in his tiny bedroom all day when he isn’t working. Even if he would be much more freeing and private to live his own lifestyle if he were to move in with me, he doesn’t want to pay $600 a month even if his salary is more than mine. I have looked for cheaper places but it seems there is no available affordable housing.

These days he has been saying how he doesn’t like cats because they smell bad. Then he said he hated my bearded dragon and even if she stays in a cage all day, he feels gross looking at her because I purchased her when I was in a different relationship. He’s also been saying some weird things like my family doesn’t love or support me so he doesn’t want to meet them. It also doesn’t help that he is incredibly particular and controlling as far as domestic situations. There are many rules I must abide by if I sleep over, and it leads to me being criticized every day (even if it’s something small like never wears socks in bed or eat outside our shared room alone because it smells or don’t wear moisturizer).

Moving in permanently with him would mean no pets, I’d share one bathroom with 3 other grown men who don’t speak the same language very well, and I’d have to sell my personal belongings because there is no space in my partner’s room (it’s filled with his own stuff). However, I wouldn’t have to worry about paying an arm and a leg to sleep somewhere.

I’m at a loss. I have asked for advice from some older coworkers and many people agree with him; get rid of your pets and I’ll be free to live cheaply. No one can see that I feel not only heartbroken at the thought of permanently losing the only family close by, but also that I made a commitment to take care of these animals and they don’t deserve to be tossed from home to home because I decided to take care of them when I was in a seemingly stable situation. I also want to make my partner happy, but it seems like it is at my expense.

How can I handle this situation? No matter what choice I make, it seems like there is at least one person that suffers.

okay this is a letter to Prudie but WOW:

Q. Is my sweet aunt plotting to murder our entire family? I am a marginally successful writer, which means family members often send me material to read, usually asking how they can publish it. I never relish these requests, but I try to be polite. I now find myself in a situation that I could not have predicted. Last year, my aunt announced her intention to become a celebrated playwright. She has now written her first play, which she sent to me unsolicited along with the request/demand that I give her an “honest opinion” and pass it along to my agent. (I told her my agent does not represent work written for the stage, but my aunt is undeterred by this complication.)

Of course I procrastinated, but after several weeks of brushing off increasingly hectoring emails from my aunt, I finally forced myself to read her play. I was shocked. The play is a country-home murder mystery in which the characters are clearly based on the members of our family. These portrayals would be quite vicious by any standard, even if not for the fact that each character is murdered, one by one, in extremely gruesome fashion. I’ve always thought of my aunt as a very nice if somewhat homespun type of person. She is a former preschool teacher who volunteers at an animal shelter and collects American Girl dolls. After reading her play, it seems I may need to rethink things! To call the work dark—not to mention mean-spirited—would be an understatement. For instance, the character based on me is presented as mincing, drippingly pretentious, and effete. The character dies after masturbating with a poisoned dildo (!!!). The “twist” at the end is that the heroic and brilliant detective—a Miss Marple type whose first and last names rhyme with my aunt’s—is revealed to be the killer as well. (Her stated motive: “The world is better off without these rotten sorts!”)

On the last page of the script, my aunt attached a Post-it with the following note handwritten in what I can only hope is red ink: “Hope you have enjoyed my work of fiction! :) :) :).” As you can imagine, I am unsure of how to proceed. For one thing, I am honestly worried about my aunt’s mental state. She continues to email and text asking whether I have sent her bizarre play to my agent, when any reasonable person would know that I feel more inclined to send it to the cops. Perhaps more disturbing, my uncle (her brother) is hosting a big family reunion next month at his country home upstate. While it has been planned for quite some time, I can’t shake the feeling that we might all be walking into a deathtrap. Am I crazy to think such a thing? I can’t tell anyone else in my family about any of this because it would hurt their feelings to see their own portrayals in my aunt’s play.

let it gooooo (the replies are bad):

AITA for confronting my wife about who she masturbated to?

Our group of friends (3 couples) is currently on a beach trip together. We're all staying in the same house. After we arrived on the first day, everybody changed into their swimmwear and went into the pool (there's a pool in the resort). My best friend is very fit and he was wearing a speedo. This is not the first time my wife has seen him like this, and I've never noticed anything innapropriate between them. But the moment he arrived she took a glance at him and them became quiet. She also went out of the pool, grabbed her sunglasses and went back in.

Later we started playing volleyball inside the pool and at one point he picked her up and threw her over his head, into the water (it wasn't out of nowhere, we were all playing kinda physically, but there were no sexual vibes). After a while she excused herself to go the bathroom in the house. A few moments later I went inside to grab my phone charger from our bedroom and found her masturbating in bed, still in her bikini. She played it off but I found it very odd. My other friend looks like shit and she's never shown any interest in women. I definitely felt she was masturbating to my best friend. I should add that what's bothering me is not the fact she was masturbating and not even very much the fact that she was thinking about my friend. What I found weird and inappropriate was that she had to do it immediately, abandoning a social event to go masturbate like a teenager would. Feels like a not okay level of arousal by interacting with my friend.

Some people on reddit told me to let it go, but it wasn't sitting right with me. So last night I confronted her about it. She didn't deny it, but now she's giving me the silent treatment, our friends have noticed and I think our trip is fucked. AITA?

take it down, this is a “two yesses, one no” scenario:

So my fiancé has a 6 year old from a previous relationship and the other day I posted a picture of her me and my fiancé on my Instagram. I haven’t posted her on there in the past because my fiancé didn’t want me to, but the other day he gave In and said I could post this really cute pic of us. The reason he didn’t originally want her on my Instagram was because I have like 35k followers...a lot of them being random men who often leave sexual comments under my pics and he didn’t like the thought of them having her pic or commenting on her. But he’s kinda realized that he can’t hide her from the world and wants me to be able to post pictures of our family.

So it was all fine until his mom messages me on Instagram like ‘I’m not sure it’s appropriate to post pictures of (his daughter) on your page. There’s a lot of strange men on your account and I know his ex would not be happy with it...I’m very surprised (my fiancé) is ok with you letting post pics of her on there...’

So I’m like ‘hey, I appreciate your concern but if there’s any inappropriate comments or anything I’ll delete and block them. Your son is fine with it. Hope you’re well :)’

So she messages him and tells him I should take the picture down. He’s like no it’s fine...

So a few days later it gets back to his ex...his ex messages him and tells him to tell me to not post her child on my account and says if I don’t remove her pic then she’s getting her lawyer involved. He’s like ‘go on then?’....every time she gets her lawyer involved we win or nothing happens so we were like ok? we’re not doing anything wrong?

The thing is, I’m not actually trying to disrespect her mom or anything, but his daughter is a part of my life now too and I don’t think I should have to hide her...I wanna be able to post cute pics of us all together and he’s said it’s ok...he’s just as much his kid as she is her moms ?

So do you think were in the right here?

exquisite dog video

well…that’s a new one:

Short and sweet post here.

25M here got a vasectomy from a urologist on my parents insurance.

They're telling me now that they want to try and sue the doctor for performing the operation on someone so young.

I just don't see how they could possibly have a case against him or me. Everything was obviously consented to and signed for, is there anything I'd have to worry about? I don't want this doctor to have a problem on my account.

Absolute unit:

if she gets fired I’m letting her move in with me:

Tonight I assaulted a patient of mine. I’m a RN in Pennsylvania.

I had to do care for a known violent pt who had attacked several nurses in the past. I had to draw his blood and change him because he was covered in urine. I brought a male nurse in with me. While drawing his blood the male nurse was holding him down and he was still punching and kicking and threatening us. I told the male nurse (my superior) that we needed to stop or get more help, but he refused and said we had to get him changed.

We finally got the blood and were trying to take his clothes off and get a clean brief and gown on him. Then he grabbed at my arm so hard he left bruises and started kicking me and threatening to piss on my face.

I panicked. Idk what else to say. But I hit him, in the nuts because it was the closest part to me. He let me go and we finished changing him.

In my defense, I say it was self defense. And the male nurse with me said it was okay afterwards. He suggested I “take a walk and have a cigarette” then when I was outside, he called the supervisor who then called our director of nursing.

As soon as I got back inside I was told I had to leave and was escorted from the building. I was told what I did was unacceptable and that there would be a hearing with HR.

Can they seek legal actions against me? I don’t even care at this point if they fire me. I just don’t want to lose my license. If I lose my nursing license, I’m 50k in debt with student loans and have no way to provide for my family.

I don’t know what I should do next.


Before I describe what happened, it is probably relevant to mention that, though not officially diagnosed, I exhibit some characteristics which might place me on the high-functioning end of the autism spectrum. (I grew up in a country where there is a paucity of understanding, even among medical professionals, about the disorder, so I never got diagnosed. I now live in the USA.)

This happened a few weeks ago, at the start of this month. My manager Anne was showing the new hire Jane around the office, and introducing her to everyone. Anne had ordered some cakes and drinks to celebrate Jane's hiring, and we all gathered around the dining table to break the ice with Jane.

I don't remember how we ever got to the topic, but at some point during the conversation, Anne excitedly asked, "How old do y'all think Jane is? You'd NEVER guess her age!" Initially, Jane objected to having her age become the subject of speculation, but eventually relented in good spirits. (She was laughing in what seemed to me like a good-natured manner while giving her consent.) My colleagues started taking turns to throw out numbers in the 21-25 range, which invited more giggles from Jane.

When it was my turn, I said, "Mmm... You're probably around 35 years old, I guess?" Immediately the joyous atmosphere dampened a little (even I could tell), but Jane quickly smiled and told me that I'd guessed correctly. I could infer that I'd made a faux pas, but fortunately everyone managed to move on quickly to other topics, and soon the conversation was flowing again.

At the end of the work day, Anne pulled me inside her office and told me (very gently and kindly) that I should have lied and told Jane that she looked younger than her actual age, because it would have made Jane feel more welcome in our company. Jane herself has not brought up the episode to me.

I don't like hurting people's feelings, but at the same time, I also don't like lying, unless it is absolutely necessary. In this case, I don't think it is a grave insult to be told that one looks 35 when one is in fact 35. AITA for not lying? Should I lie in similar situations in the future?

nah that dude made his bed and can lie in it:

This happened a few days ago and my girlfriend thought I was a bit rude, but I thought I was completely justified.

So we booked tickets for an almost full flight and the only row with 2 seats near each other had someone that already booked the seat in the middle. I figured they did this because they didn't want anyone booking next to them, but they were the only seats left so I booked the window for myself and the aisle seat for my girlfriend.

When we boarded the guy openly admits to booking the middle seat just so nobody would want to book seats next to someone sitting alone, he even stated that it usually works and he’s very proud of it. Then he asked if I could give up my window seat to get to sit next to my girlfriend. I was admittedly a little upset that he openly admit to just taking the middle seat so nobody would sit next to him. I honestly didn't want to give up my window seat and my girlfriend didn't want to give up her aisle seat since that's what we both like. So we denied him, and he just comes at us with, "you really don't want to sit next to your boyfriend or girlfriend, do you guys hate each other that much?" I answered, "no, we just really don't want to reward you for booking your seat like a dick."

As I said my girlfriend said I was a little harsh and we could have switched seats, yeah it would have been nice to sit next to my girlfriend, but at the time she didn't want to sit next to me either.

who…who are you planning on suing?

On Tuesday I was doing my laundry and I used a lime scooter to go to Target to return some earphones. After that I used the same scooter to go back to the laundry mat and some guy was about to cross the street so I started to hit the brake and he stepped back and motioned for me to go so I sped up and made a right turn. I guess water makes the wheels slip because as soon as I went over the water while turning right the scooter slid sideways (scooter was moving with both wheels next to each other going the same direction instead of one in front and one in the back) and I felt my right ankle make a pop sound. I looked at my right foot and it was pretty much backwards and the guy who let me go passed him came to help and called an ambulance. About five minutes later I didn't hear any sirens or anything so I called my roommate to take me to the er and they said I broke my tibula and fibula and dislocated my ankle and I have surgery tomorrow.

My step dad's brother is a lawyer and I was wondering if I should give him a call because I'm not sure if I even have a case here.

you’re fine:

I don't eat meat. The people in my life do. I have absolutely no problem with their dietary choices, so long as they don't force it on me.

I'm inviting a bunch of people over for dinner next week. My partner eats meat, as do most of the guests (but not all). The menu I have planned for the evening is made of up of dishes that EVERYONE attending can eat, i.e. vegetarian. All the food will taste great (assuming no kitchen disasters), and I normally get great reviews from guests for my cooking. However, my partner is insisting that I serve meat at the dinner as well, to cater to our meat-eating guests. He claims that it's what a good host would do.

I completely disagree with this. First of all, I'm paying for all this, so why on earth would I pay to buy ingredients that I (and some of my guests) can't even eat? Is it such an insult for omnivores to go without meat for ONE meal? My partner argued that it would be the same as if a meat-eater served dishes with ONLY meat at a party, leaving nothing for vegetarians. Again, no, that argument doesn't hold because meat-eaters CAN eat vegetarian dishes, but it doesn't work the other way around.

Anyway, I brought this up in conversation with my parents today, and they are firmly on my partner's side. They're calling me self-centered for "not thinking of every guest's comfort". I think I AM thinking of every guest's comfort by serving stuff that they can ALL enjoy. I really don't think I'm in the wrong here, but... well, here I am.

So Reddit. WIBTA if I served my vegetarian menu to my meat-eating guests?


I hate walking on carpeted floors with wet feet after a shower, so I dry myself with a towel, which I assume is common. My gf has this small cloth that I've seen her use while washing her face. Since we've started living together (about 5 months now) I've been using her cloth to wipe my feet because the texture feels SO GOOD. She recently caught me doing this and blew up, saying that I'm dirty and freaking out about her "skin cleanliness" or something. She's upset at the idea of unknowingly washing her face with something that has touched my feet, but I feel my body is exceptionally clean since I've just gotten out of the shower. She's disgusted with me and claims that you shouldn't wipe your feet, face, ass with the same towel but I believe it's not a big deal. Come on, it's the same clean body after a shower.

Note that she's not scared of dirt and frequently gets messy while skateboarding outside, so I don't know why she's suddenly so sensitive about this. Maybe she's upset because I took her facial towel but I strongly believe we should share items since we live together. It's not like those cloths are expensive, she swaps for a new one every few months or so but she's not at all concerned about my comfort. Is she too sensitive or am I really being an asshole?

your dad sucks:

I’ve had a big issue with my sight for a few years and I’ve finally been offered an operation for it in a couple weeks.

It’s an early operation (7am) so I need to be there at about 5:30am. I’ve never had a surgery before and I’m extremely nervous about it. I told my parents and asked if one of them could come with me. My mum said she had to work and that she’ll try to get as early a shift as possible to come see me after. Okay , I understand that she needs to work. My dad on the other hand is unemployed due to a recent accident. He said that he wouldn’t be coming because the operation is too early for him to wake up, and the hospital has no decent coffee shop so he’d just be sat bored in the waiting room for a couple of hours so he didn’t see the point when he could be taking my brother to his football training at 9am and have fun with his friends there.

He then got mad at me because I got upset about the fact that he’s choosing to watch my brother train than be there for me during an operation.

For reference this has happened before:

I got ill last year and got sent to the hospital with suspected sepsis, and he chose to go to my brother’s school play rather than be with me to find out if I have a life threatening illness. He didn’t come to visit after the play because he met my other brother for lunch and went car shopping instead. My mum again was working and couldn’t leave as she was the only manager in the store.

I had to walk home that day despite not being able to walk properly and being very faint so the walk took about 3 hours, and I didn’t speak to my dad when I got home and he said I was overreacting because I didn’t even have sepsis so I shouldn’t be mad.

Am I the asshole here? Or am I right to be mad at my dad?


I have three fingers missing on my dominant hand. It's fine. I can type and everything and even manage to tie my shoelaces most days (and on the days I can't, that's the dyspraxia). However, I won't deny that it looks a bit odd to most people. I only have my fourth and fifth fingers so my hand looks a bit like a child's drawing of a rabbit, and not a good one.

I'm used to people asking about it, usually after staring for a good minute or two, but I still find it annoying. I really don't get why you'd think it would be an OK thing to ask someone about, but hey. I wasn't raised in a barn. Usually I nip the questioning in the bud by just explaining the truth from the get go and assuming that enough people will gossip about it that the message will spread by the end of the day (it always, always does).

Anyway, I started a new job about a month ago, and I honestly could not face going through that same cycle again. I felt like the time had come to not play into it any more and to make something out of it - and I decided to make myself laugh. When the first new coworker asked about it, I completely lied and told her that I chewed them off as a baby. I then decided to tell the next person who asked that I cut them off with a plastic knife at a picnic, and the next person that I was born with six fingers and they removed too many, and so on. All genuinely ridiculous reasons but I'm a good actor and they actually believed my stupid lies. I didn't expect them to (a plastic knife... through bone?!) but there you go. Maybe they just thought there's no way I'd lie about how I lost my fingers.

Within about 3 days, I learned that my coworkers had been arguing about the actual reason and it seems like a lot of them now actively dislike me for lying to them. I'm probably going to have to make some cupcakes over the weekend with my super cool 3D printed adaptive whisk to get back into their good books.

Anyway, I told this story to my brother today and he told me that I was an asshole because I caused tension within the office on my first day and made people feel stupid for being gullible and believing my lies. My argument is that I'm not the asshole because they were asking a rude, albeit common, question and because I didn't do it with the intention of deceiving them, I was just honestly fed up of the question and didn't think they'd think I actually severed three fingers with dental floss when I was 3. I'll accept my judgement, though.

Update: gonna check out here, I think - getting real tired of explaining why it's not cool to ask people why they lost limbs or digits just because you want to sate your morbid curiosity. A few reminders for people: I'm not a male (don't know why everyone assumed that!), don't ask people about something that could be traumatic, especially when you don't actually know them, and when making cupcakes, always cream the butter.

Love you all so much! Thank you for being better than Reddit.