Letter of Recommendation: Gary Gulman

my newest utter obsession

So, I am always extremely cautious when stand-up comedians are described as “a comedians’ comedian” because, g e n e r a l l y speaking, this usually translates to “a very very sad comedian who is also not that funny unless you know them personally.”

Now, Gary Gulman does have treatment-resistant depression, but is also…one of the funniest comedians I have ever seen. I started out with his most recent special, “The Great Depresh,” which was written and performed four years after the last of his previous specials, because he got too depressed to work and had to move back home with his mom.

It’s one of the absolute, all-time best specials. And he’s sweet. And he has a King Charles Cavalier spaniel, which immediately makes me love anyone. He might have two now. Wikipedia says he and his wife Sade Pilot (who is a babe and also deeply supportive) have two dogs but I cannot guarantee they are both Cavs. I want to only give you the most accurate information I have at any given moment.

But after watching “The Great Depresh” (he is currently in “remissh”) I went back and watched “It’s About Time” and “In THIS Economy?” and they are both just incredibly wildly funny. I was afraid my husband, who is 5’8, would not appreciate “The Great Depresh” because he refuses to accept any man who is over 6 feet tall could have a problem (Gary is 6’6). He, however, instinctively loved and wanted to protect and uplift Gary, and I realized I only thought that about my husband because he rolled his eyes out of his head when I tried to explain to him that Armie Hammer had debilitating growing pains as a teen on his way to being 6’5.

I really think you would love these specials. “It’s About Time” has a description of a full-on meltdown he had at Trader Joe’s which I am still almost crying with laughter just remembering.

I do not have light at my house from November through March because of the canyon walls (I do not handle that well) and I was really really sad yesterday, because sometimes people get sad, and he brought me joy.

I love you very, very much. This is a bonus edition.

Love, Nicole