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Hi, my darlings! I have been continuing to watch horror movies, and am currently watching “Revenge,” which everyone says is the only sexual assault revenge movie worth watching. We’ll find out! Update: it’s very good and I personally am glad to have seen it but read ALL THE SPOILERS FIRST.

So many delightful little tidbits for you today, let’s roll.

I devoured this list of the 100 most influential horror movie scenes, which does not skimp on the CLASSICS:

The most iconic scene in the most iconic vampire movie was apparently never in the screenplay. Henrik Galeen’s script makes no mention of Nosferatu, or Count Orlok, making his way up the stairs to Ellen Hutter’s bedroom, where she has willingly sacrificed herself to the vampire in an attempt to trap him. But director F.W. Murnau was notoriously obsessed with shadows. “Art consists in eliminating,” he often said, noting that creating shadows and darkness was much more important in film than creating light. And here we have one of cinema’s greatest usages of darkness, as the slinking, demonic shadow of Max Schreck as Orlok slowly makes his way up the stairs, where Ellen beckons, and where he will eventually meet his doom. It’s a perfect example of creeping dread. The angle of the light as it hits the wall distorts the vampire’s silhouette so that it’s even more unreal and menacing than before; watch how his claws are extended in shadow, as if they’re stretching out all by themselves. Shadows creeping along walls would eventually become one of the building blocks of horror, but it took a visionary like Murnau to perfect this motif before it truly took hold.

oh boy:

I am a property manager at an office building and people have recently reported that there’s, well, a building masturbator. He apparently does his business several times a day while listening to music (?????) in a restroom that is open to everyone in the building. He has not been identified yet (and may never be).

Oh, and our janitorial staff has reported cleaning up bodily fluids atypical for an office environment, which is completely unacceptable. So he’s not very tidy about this either.

I am in charge of this godforsaken place. There is no one above me who can take this on. I can get support if I need it, but in the end it’s on me. So I have to do something, but I don’t know what to do. I’m trying to stealthily find out who he is or who he works for, at which point I can say something to his company I guess? But it’s a pretty weird thing to discuss in a professional setting and I don’t know how to approach it even if we can accurately pinpoint the culprit.

i hate this shit so much:

I work in higher ed. My supervisor has recently adopted a “baggage-drop” activity, where we all go around the room and share what is on our minds, mostly personal stuff, supposedly to clear our heads and make the meeting more productive. (I think it’s also referred to as a “check-in”.) I find it irritating, probably due to the fact that I can never think of a good answer, and I feel our meeting time is so precious and this is not a productive use of our time. Do they really want to know what’s on my mind, what personal things are weighing heavy on me? If I shared that, I’d probably burst out crying like in some therapy session, and they’d probably look horrified. Do you have any suggestions on how I can share something without oversharing, and do so in a productive way?

this guy’s commitment to telling us about his boners remains strong:


Alexis Anna Emma Hannah Elspeth Something Rose from the Emmy-nominated Schitt’s Creek is the OG international woman of mystery.

This globetrotting socialite, former child actor, former teen model, businesswoman, PR manager, and one-time star of a critically reviewed, limited reality series A Little Bit Alexis, has a list of lovers as long and diverse as her many enterprises. She’s a student of love, in all its forms, dating shipping heirs and high-profile celebrities, sultan’s nephews and Thai drug lords, and she has much to teach us mere mortals when it comes to the art of romance.

Here’s an extensive (but not exhaustive) list of the many paramours of the woman who US Weekly once-lauded as “up for anything.” Eat your heart out Taylor Swift.

great plan, stan:

As stated in the title. There is a civil case that I have been called to testify in. I will not state the details but I am one of if not the key witness in this case. I was thee proceeding, during, and following the actions taken. The offending party most defiantly did what he is being accused of, the only problem is that the evidence so far has been hearsay at best and by my calculations I am the tipping point for this case. Because of this, I feel that I deserve a fair sum of money. If won, this case would pay out a large sum of money to the individual who initiated it. Much more than I plan to make in the next 20 years. Because of this and my importance to the case, I deserve a cut. Nothing unreasonable but I place my value at around 5% of the total payout. I have an email ready with these demands and my value to the case written up and will be sending it tonight. My plan is if they refuse I will simply state I do not recall to every question asked of me, losing her and her lawyer the case. My main question is how should I go about receiving fair compensation? I do not plan to include what I will do if not compensated but what would happen if I did? If they refuse to compensate me what are my options if I still do help win this case? What kind of lawyer should I look into to help me? Thank you.

Derry Girls!

Many reviews of Derry Girls spotlight the skillful way it depicts life amid the bombs and barricades. That’s Mary’s favorite part of the show, too. Her father’s shop was on the main road into town, and the British army eventually put up a checkpoint right outside. Every time the IRA blew up the checkpoint, they blew up the store as well. (The joke in Derry was, “Buy now while shops last.”) “Things like that happened all the time,” Mary said. “You just kind of rolled with it. There was nothing else you could do. It made people maybe a wee bit reckless. They were in a hurry to have their life right now — don’t wait. You would expect that everything would be suspended and people would do nothing. But it was the opposite. People got into life, really took it by the throat.” On rare occasions, Mary said, you could make the Troubles work for you: “People used to use bomb scares as an excuse to get out of school.” If you were really bold, or just hadn’t done your homework, you might even risk calling one in yourself.


Some background.. my husband and I have had some marital issues from the beginning of our almost two year marriage. He has been controlling with our finances, what I go out and do with friends, what I wear, etc. He put me on a spending limit of $30 per week, and told me I am not allowed to use our joint debit card (we both work full time and put money we earn in this account) unless there is an emergency, and he asks to see copies of my paystubs every week (even though I have never missed a bill payment or anything like that). He has told me that I am never happy, and that he doesn't enjoy spending time with me just the two of us so he always invites his family to activities I planned for us as a couple. I eventually decided to start counseling, and I have been going consistently every week for a few months now to work on myself and try to make my marriage better. I tried to get him into marriage counseling so we could work on our marriage together, and he refused.

So this Sunday my husband was asleep, I woke up before him. I have never once checked his phone before in our marriage, I felt like I could trust him fully and that was an invasion of his privacy and I had no reason to do that. I was laying down next to him, and I got this urge to look on his phone. I went through his messages, Instagram dms, and snapchat and saw multiple conversations with different women, including multiple nude pictures of women that he received over this entire year. At that moment, I decided I wanted a divorce as I felt I already had issues with the marriage, and I was taking steps on my own to improve things and he was not, AND I found these things on his phone. (To be clear, he knew my stance on things like that because I told him I ended my relationship before him for something very similar, and I said on more than one occasion I think as a married couple flirting with other people or receiving nude pictures of other women is completely inappropriate). I have already moved out all of my belongings, and begun separating my phone bill, insurance, etc.

I have been having mixed feelings because I do still love him, but I feel like I am doing the right thing. I wanted to get some other opinions on this?

please help…my tortoise is dying:

grow up:

So I recently saw a post that described an issue similar to the one my girlfriend and I are having right now, so I figured I'd share.

For context, I'm a guy who tries my best to keep it pretty clean. Thankfully I'm not naturally very hairy, and regularly shave my arms, legs, chest, and armpits (partly due to personal preference, and partly the result of habits I developed when I swam in college).

I also just cannot stand body hair on women. Sorry if that statement makes me an asshole, but I just can't get over it. Yes I understand women can do what they want with their bodies, and I respect their decision if they choose not to shave. But no amount of posturing is going to sway me on this one (and I think most guys would admit to feeling the same if you put a gun to their head). So I feel that if I keep myself clean shaven, I'd have more of a leg to stand on if I were to ask a woman to do the same.

Anywho my girlfriend and I have recently arrived at that stage where we are living together and are comfortable being disgusting around each other (shitting while the other's brushing their teeth, etc.). She's also stopped shaving her armpits as frequently, which has really gotten on my nerves. I politely told her that this is an issue for me, and asked if she would shave more often. She replied by saying that it's 2019, and that women shouldn't be stigmatized for having body hair.

Yea I suppose she's right, but it still bothers me, so I am refusing to shave my ass/around my asshole until she relents, which has in turn really gotten on her nerves. She thinks I'm an asshole, but I'm merely trying to get her to see things from my perspective.

I love you SO MUCH, each of you. You are beautiful and brilliant.