"THIS WEEK," As I Said...a Few Days Ago

really, though

Hi lovelies! I was so tickled to receive so many '“oh I didn’t pay” emails when some of you mistakenly got some paying content, you are self-narcs and I celebrate you!

I want to talk a little bit about American Horror Story, but then I’ll say other things, so go ahead and scroll down a bit if you’re not interested. I am a big Ryan Murphy person, in that I always get it and I think that he’s a lot better than people think. I love AHS, even the seasons that are kinda gross or offensive, and this new season (Apocalypse!) is really starting to gel. That third ep? B A N G E R!

If you haven’t seen Murphy’s “The Assassination of Gianni Versace,” the miniseries following the rise and fall of serial killer Andrew Cunanan, please do. It’s got plenty of high camp, like everything he touches, but it is also a brilliant and moving depiction of gay life, closeted and otherwise, in the 1990s, and is anchored by some splendid performances. It’s changed the way I watch everything he does, like he’s got a secret and muscles he doesn’t always choose to flex. Check it out!

As for American Horror Story, I cannot rank them by quality, but in terms of which seasons are my PERSONAL favs, I have to go with Coven, Murder House, Hotel, and Roanoke. If you are starting from the beginning, Murder House IS the scariest, so if you’re just white-knuckling it, don’t worry, relief is coming.

I’m going to the cabin this weekend, because things are terrible. In a tribute to my belief that sometimes a little retail therapy helps, I have commissioned two Victorian silk lampshades from Annamarie Tendler Mulaney (John Mulaney’s wife, but an amazing stylist and craftswoman in her own right), and it’s made me feel…a little better? Kinda? Will report back when they’re finished.

Also, because everything is wretched, I’ve decided that something I can do to work on myself is be about a million times more serious about my own environmental footprint, which I am…really bad about? It’s terrible. I recycle and everything but that’s been it, and I feel like I have way too much food waste, so I’m buckling down and really trying to buy less (NOT THE LAMPSHADES, HOWEVER) and conserve more and USE the crisper vegetables in a timely fashion, etc. I would love your favourite ways of making small differences in the world, because even though giving money to good stuff is fine, I just want to feel it, physically, more. I want it to hurt a little, if that doesn’t sound crazy?

Love you guys, stay tough this weekend. We’ll do something funny for Monday’s edition, I promise.