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uhh I don’t know what this boss’ game is but it’s not on the up and up:

I do medical billing at a doctors office part time. I was sorting my papers as usual one morning when I came across something with my name on it. It had an account number and stated life insurance. I honestly thought it was a life insurance policy on myself and he was going to kill me or waiting for me to die.

I called the company it was through. Turns out it’s a retirement fund. He’s the guarantor. I wasn’t able to find out any other information unless I get his consent. The operator did state that it’s impossible for me to have not known about this account because I would of had to sign for it. I’ve worked there for over 7 years and have never signed anything about a 401k. My check stubs do not show a 401k.

I am certain I wasn’t supposed to find this. My boss is a pretty big douche for forging my signature and storing money in my name. I’m still not sure how it’ll benefit him. Some say he could cash it out after 7 years after i left. I don’t want to lose my job but I’d like my money. Or our money. Or can I even do anything about this. It can’t be legal.

Oh and multiple employee names were on there and they have never heard anything about a 401k. Our job doesn’t even offer insurance or paid holidays or anything that would help or benefit us.


Now we genuinely only had a few minor rules per say when he moved in, the most important being no firearms in the house. At the time he grumbled a wee bit, but ultimately organized to keep his gun safe at a hunting buddies place. No drama.

Or so we thought...

Now I'm no lawyer, but my understanding at the time was he had strict rules about notifying the local police that he had moved cities, what guns he had and where/how they would be stored.

Our house was not the listed location, nor do we have a gun safe on site, so my understanding was that on top of our request, absolutely no guns should be stored at our house full stop.

Fast forward around 3 months, Father in-law had a hunting trip planned and given the early start, decided he would keep his guns under his bed over night. No incident on that occasion, other than a discussion about respecting our wishes. At this point, while my better half and I are unanimous on the rule, she feels I'm being a little unreasonable as it was just over night.

The guns would have been dropped back off and safety locked up at the aforementioned hunting buddies house, except my Father in-law seemly decided to keep a rifle under his bed.

Evidently this rifle never made it back to the gun safe and around 3 months after the hunting trip, somewhere along the line, our 15month old wandered into his room (off the lounge, not uncommon for the doors to be left open in an otherwise well baby proofed home) where he came across the rifle butt sticking out from under the bed. Upon following him into the bedroom we were shocked to find he had pulled the rifle out from under the bed and was inquisitively playing with the business end of the rifle.

As any parent could attest, we were most upset and ultimately furious with my Father in-law, who not only didn't see what the problem was but had the nerve to then lecture us about how unreasonable our gun rule was in the first place...

A wonderful update to “can my boss demand my DNA to see if I am the mystery shitter?”:

TL;DR: My purity of essence is preserved: Supervisor was going rogue - no one in a professional context wants my precious bodily fluids. I have a temporary new supervisor who encouraged me to apply for another position within the uni with higher pay and more interesting responsibility when I brought him up to speed on what I was working on. (And worst case I’m certain my current job is secure) Also managed to "accidentally" reveal some policy violations while bringing new supervisor up to speed.

yeah this is pretty outrageous snooping, she’s in the wrong:

So, from the title I’d imagine you’re thinking “yes you are an asshole, you’ve obviously been caught cheating”.

Here’s the thing, I haven’t cheated. She unlocked my phone, read my texts and then scrolled back like 4 weeks into a group chat, that’s active every day, and got pissed off with me because I said that a random girl someone sent a photo of had some bangers on her (big boobies if you will).

That’s it. She got super pissed off with me for a throwaway comment like that.

When I brought up the fact that going through my phone without my consent is a sign that she doesn’t trust me, she got even more pissed off.

Please can someone tell me who’s in the wrong here because I feel like I’m losing my mind.


I broke up with my ex about 6 months ago, we decided to stay friends and text. We didn’t see each other often and it was kinda weird but kinda working. A couple months post breakup I decided I was going to ask them if they wanted to start a FWB situation but before I got the chance they asked to get back together. I decided it was best we don’t talk for a while. It’s been about 2 months since they asked to get back together and I reached out to explain that I decided to go no contact with them because I was planning on asking to start a FWB situation. During this conversation I told them I was only open to a friendship if sex was involved because I’m too sexually attracted to them to not try to have sex with them but I was not interested in a relationship. They did not take that well. AITA?

sorry about the wrongful arrest, here is your bill for your time in jail:

Due to police error, a friend was mistakenly arrested at home for a very serious crime which he did not commit (they confused him with another person sharing the same name). He was bailed out by family after a few hours, hired a lawyer to fight this, but everything was dropped about a week later once the police realized their error. The lawyer is a family friend and was nice enough to refund him his fees in full.

My friend was more than willing to let all this go without much complaint, despite being pretty upset, because he's an easy going guy and realized mistakes happen. But he just received a bill in the mail for his time in the county jail (3-4 hours). It's not a huge bill, but this is sort of the straw that broke the camel's back for him.

Does he have to pay this bill? If they do try to make him pay, does he have any legal recourse against the city/police? Should he be suing them for wrongful arrest (or whatever the proper term would be here)? Appreciate any input.


My SIL never paid off her home. No money coming in means they need to get out of their house. Scott and my SIL split a few months ago but were sharing a residence. Years of financial excess and they're left with nothing. They're coming hat-in-hand to us (my in-laws never had a lot of money and so deeply dislike Scott that they won't finance them until he's out of the picture permanently) for some money to cover expenses. I'm of the mind that they can all starve. They created this situation and they can get themselves out of it. My wife, however, won't follow her parents or listen to me. She's "considering" options and wants us to think about giving them a room to stay in for a few months and some money to cover late bills. They want a place to stay driving a $200,000 car. No way. Not happening.

My wife and I have had long discussions and actual fights about this. She's worried what will come of her sister and niece. I frankly don't care. I don't want them living in our house, especially since they'd be here for the birth of our child. Years of horrible treatment by my SIL and a soon-to-be ex-BIL with a capacity of violence just isn't going happen. Neither have the skills to survive any amount of time independent of the company's money and they simply won't make rational steps to mend their situation. I feel zero obligation to help any of them, while my wife simply won't put her foot down and cries when anyone (including her parents) discuss this with her.

I'm at my wit's end and worried I'll come home and find them there. I need help speaking to my wife

it’s absolutely not his fault but I would not easily get over this:

10:25 comes up, and so does George. He doesn’t know anything is wrong, but is concerned when a group of people walk me to the car. I get inside, and he asks where my things are.

I told him that I was jumped, and he went silent and said we should go to the police, etc etc. Which we do. I file a report. I know it’s a lost cause. And as we’re heading home finally, I ask him why he was so late.

He was playing a video game and he just “couldn’t” get up and walk away. When I asked where he was when I’d called to check in, he said he was still at home. Still playing. And had been continuing to play for ten minutes after the call.

I was dumbfounded. I’m not that materialistic, my purse was a $5 thrift store purse and my phone was an iPhone 4 that needed an upgrade anyway. It’s really not about what I lost, it’s about the fact that my boyfriend left me waiting for him to the point where I was literally attacked.

Let me be clear: I know it’s not his fault that I was assaulted. It’s the fault of the person who assaulted me. But if I hadn’t been there waiting for him when he said he was on his way, it wouldn’t have happened. If he’d been on time, it wouldn’t have happened.

he told you the DAY BEFORE?:

My boyfriend’s birthday is in the same week as Thanksgiving. He decided to go on an overseas trip which is pretty normal for him, he travels a lot. He told me about the trip months ago but only told me that he was gonna go with his female roommate the day before the trip. I told him that i was okay with this.

About the roommate, his long time friend, kinda a bitch to me, i have met her before, i stayed over at his place often and she knows about our relationship.

I didn’t get to spend Thanksgiving and his birthday with him. I thought i would be okay, it’s a mature thing to do that I shouldn’t have any problem with this trip. But now i feel like shit.

AITA for being upset and sad after I told him that i was okay about this trip?

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