Pivoting But Not To Video

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EDITED TO ADD: if you subscribed to my skincare newsletter, you don’t have to do anything, I just changed the name a little

SO, for those of you who subscribe to my skincare newsletter, I have always felt real bad that I don’t always have enough skin wisdom to pump out a full edition once a week. I have LOADS of things to say (as my Twitter followers already know), but sometimes just a sentence or two about, you know, skin.

I have also missed writing, and been a bit jealous of Danny’s Shatner Chatner. I don’t want to write for another publication, I would rather die than start a new website, and my (awesome, read it!) parenting column for Slate only scratches a bit of that itch.

Therefore, I have decided to expand this newsletter (it will still have skin tips, but feel free to unsubscribe if you are interested E X C L U S I V E L Y in skin care, I respect that) to be a more regular and a more free-wheeling creation.

Things You’ll Get (for free and also for subscribers):

Reddit curation

Lifestyle advice (skin and shoes and so on)


Pop Culture

Relationship Advice (send me your professional and personal problems, discretion guaranteed)

A VERY SMALL AMOUNT of Topical Content


What I want, basically, is to do something like my old Link Roundups for The Toast, but more talky and less link-y. I’m shooting for 3-5 a week, probably one extra for paying subscribers.

This is a bit of a Hail Mary to assist me in pulling back from Twitter, since I need a reliable outlet for my ridiculously prolific thoughts.

I’m more than open to hearing what you’d like me to write more about (I never know what people will enjoy, and it’s never what I think) and I believe this will be fun for people who make the deliberate choice to put me in their inboxes.

Please consider subscribing, and if you want the paid version, great, but don’t sweat it.

Love, Nicole