Your first installment of the newest and greatest development in the world of skincare.

I feel like we’ve waited SO long for this day, and now it’s finally here! Since most of you are still going to be in the process of signing up, since TinyLetter can suck my left one, this first post will be more a general overview of where I see us going together, along with some sample posts you can be looking forward to. Sound good? Good.

Skincare is bewildering, and it seems like our standards go up for it CONSTANTLY. I approach skincare as a hobby, like sticking ships in bottles or paint-by-number kits or shuffleboard or vegetarian cooking. For me, it’s also a cool meditative thing to do for about ten minutes at night and ten minutes in the morning. Kinda just ties the whole day together, like The Dude’s rug.

You don’t NEED to have a big multi-step regimen, heaven knows. Wash your face, moisturize it if it’s dry, and wear sunscreen and you’re more than halfway there. It’s fun, though, and the world of Korean beauty has completely spoiled me for what came before. I will do my best not to freak your skin out, but you have to promise me to add things in G R A D U A L L Y, okay? Now, what are some things we’ll be covering?

“Where do I even START, I don’t know anything and I currently let my cat wash my face.”

“What does toner DO? Is it different from essence?”

“What’s a good, relatively simple morning and night routine?”

“What ORDER do I apply these things in, and does it even matter?”

“What should I buy cheaply, and what’s worth splashing out for?”

“What if I want to try something but don’t want to waste money on a whole tube of it?”

“It’s hot and muggy now, how do I switch up my routine to keep my products from sliding off my face?”

…and many other such concerns!

We’ll have product reviews, of course, and I WILL tell you what stuff is nonsense (a lot of it is.) I’m excited to hear about your own skin and what works or doesn’t work for it.

Let’s have some fun together!

xoxoxoxo, Nicole