I Have Some New Recommendations!

Oh, the products. The beautiful products.

Hi teammates! I’m so haphazard about getting new newsletters out, but I DO have loads of excellent things to tell you about, at the all-important Various Price Points. Let’s get to it!

So, since summer is well and truly upon us, I have been looking to strip back a little. Because I wore makeup a few two many days in a row a while back, I am now that butterfly meme that says “is this a diseased person?” if I skip it, but it’s just so HOT, you know?

This means I’ve been looking for products that can drastically cut back on my makeup needs. And I have found some! Let’s talk about them:

Dr. Jart Tiger Drops: These lil green drops are a lifesaver for those of us with uneven skin tones (SPECIFICALLY redness.) It’s a bit pricey but I literally use two drops and it instantly neutralizes redness across my entire face. You do it after moisturizer, and I personally use it IN LIEU of makeup, but you’re welcome to put makeup over it. I love these drops!

Son and Park Beauty Filter Cream and Etude House Face Blur: These two products do basically the same thing but at different price points. These are both primers-which-can-be-worn-on-their-own, which is a lovely thing to have. You plop it on your face and it’s like carrying around a more flattering light all day. Like a filter! Or a blur! Hence the names. Because they’re primers, you can certainly toss makeup on over the top, but like the Tiger Drops, they’re perfect on their own as well.

Dior Buffing Brush: I feel like I am cheating a bit here because this is CLEARLY a makeup product, but I have finally become the kind of grown-up who applies foundation with a brush. This brush is for fools! Which is perfect for me. You just put a few drops of liquid foundation (apparently it works just fine for powder foundation as well) on it and then make circular movements all over your face, trying to finish with kinda upward and outward movements. Because the brush is big and even, it’s super easy and REALLY fast, and I have to admit it looks loads better than when I use my fingers to blend. Strong recommendation!

Weleda Skin Food: There is NOTHING I love more than finding out that a cheap cult product is Actually Good. This is a very heavy, very cheap cream, made of uniformly fantastic plant-y stuff, and although it’s technically for elbows and knees and hands, it’s not gonna break you out and DOES replenish your skin. I would use it as a night cream, because I do think you’d look a bit greasy during a summer day, but when you wake up you’ll know it was a great idea. People also recommend using it around your eyes or on cheekbones as kind of a highlighter, which works really well, and all professional makeup people keep a tube in their bags, because it is VERY soothing. Love it.

Mizon Snail Repair Ampoule: You know me. Cheap. Snail. Does the job. Toss it into your morning OR night routine before your moisturizer and after toning. It’s a really high-quality snail product.

Etude House Sun Milk: This sunscreen is SO good for oily people (or those who BECOME oily people in the summer. It’s matte, invisible, and zinc-based (if it ain’t zinc, it ain’t shit, as far as I’m concerned) and very non-irritating. There’s a very mild white cast that dies down as it dries, totally doable.

Benton Aloe Soothing Gel: Benton, the people who make my glorious, affordable, and often recommended Snail Bee High Steam Cream, also make an aloe-based soothing gel! I know you have no intention of getting a sunburn this summer, but, you know, things happen. Here is something great to slap on your wounded skin when the inevitable happens.

Have a great week!!