I Got Botox!

...so it begins

So, there’s a spa near my house that I like to treat friends to when they visit (it’s a medi-spa, so there are all manner of random beauty options on offer), and as a result, I have stocked up a large number of…points.

This means that when I went in a few weeks ago for a [redacted] procedure, my favourite tech said “you know what you have enough points for?” and I was like “a tote bag?” and she said “no, about 30 units of Botox. We could do it today, while you’re already in the chair for [redacted].”

I have never said yes to anything so quickly IN MY LIFE.

Now, y’all know I’m a skincare nut. And I have never had a problem with Botox (and have plans to get Fraxel a little down the road), but it did seem like crossing the Rubicon in some way.

Here’s how it went down (for me! YMMV)

I was asked to scowl and smile and make all number of faces, as the tech used a lil Magic Marker to note various places on my face to be lulled into submission. She took pictures, told me I would start to see changes in roughly one week, and if I liked it, to come back in four months for another dose.

It did not hurt at all, they used these teeny-weeny lil butterfly needles, and I left within half an hour with only very, very slight redness. I would count it as zero down-time.

Here is me, still in the chair, immediately after:

Here is me, again still in the chair, demonstrating that I can still move my forehead:

Here is it starting to work, about four days in (earlier than expected):

Here is the side view, since the eye-lines are GONE:

And these last two shots are the current state of affairs:

So, essentially, I really like it. I’m going to keep getting doing it, I think. It HAS flattened my brow arches (and I love my brows very much) so when I go back, I am apparently to request they fiddle with the process somewhat to provide more of a lift than a smush on that front.

I cannot move my forehead. I cannot lift my brows. I am fine with this? I think my resting face is bitchier now, but I can live with that. Did I mention it was free? Classic drug dealer methodology.

Anyway, IF you are considering this, I wanted you to know how it felt and looked.