Get It Together, Internet Strangers

you should probably break up

Today’s installment is extremely advice-based, so if that’s not your bag, I also just got the Dior Backstage Face and Body Foundation, which I will update you on shortly.

Onto the links!

If you missed it, people are getting off some fantastic tweets about this big-ass bracelet I just got, each of which is funnier than the one that came before.

Today is my second-ever Monday edition of Care and Feeding, and we have a REAL ONE here. Please send me any wild guesses you may have as to who this woman’s mom is really married to.

This is now the version of this meme I want to focus on:

Nice try, dipshit:


this is fine imho:

Great partner to a boyfriend, shitty neighbor:

a fine doggo:

your mom got you back from a kidnapper, please try to be more understanding:

please do not do this:


leave your junk ALONE:

What is the world even coming to??