A Bunny For Tuesday

what else could a girl want

Our Featured Pet today is the elegant Eleanor Abigail Rabbit:

Her human companion, Arielle, tells us “She is an older lady with arthritis who only loves my boyfriend. She would prefer I move out so he would have more time to share bananas with her and pet her nose. Obviously I spend all my time and money trying to earn her love.”

Would boop. Would certainly boop. Thanks, Arielle!

I’m watching the original 1975 The Stepford Wives, starring a fabulous Katharine Ross. Ira Levin, the author of the 1972 novel it was based on was a genius. He’s no Shirley Jackson, but his novels were so good at that same PARTICULAR creeping terror that is living in close quarters with other people, and never knowing who to trust, including yourself.

It’s actually streaming on Amazon Prime, if you want to check it out. Let’s actually go ahead and make our horror novel today…The Stepford Wives. Ira Levin’s novels are deeply underrated, I think people tend to think of them as just movie treatments waiting to be made, as this one was (screenplay by the BRILLIANT William Goldman), but there’s some truly beautiful creepiness in each one.

Courtesy of the publisher:

For Joanna, her husband, Walter, and their children, the move to beautiful Stepford seems almost too good to be true. It is. For behind the town's idyllic facade lies a terrible secret -- a secret so shattering that no one who encounters it will ever be the same.

At once a masterpiece of psychological suspense and a savage commentary on a media-driven society that values the pursuit of youth and beauty at all costs, The Stepford Wives is a novel so frightening in its final implications that the title itself has earned a place in the American lexicon.


Oh, obviously this made me weep:

This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, RIP you angel:

This is a beautiful dog, that’s all, his name is Rocky and there are more pics in the thread:

So, Steve is gone for over a week for a medical thing (it’s orthopedic, he’s not dying) and I’m already a wreck emotionally, BUT, it does give me a chance to burn even more candles and put on really really shiny oils at night, you know? And I have some good internet friends coming to visit…it’s going to be okay. Also, I NEED TO OWN THIS DRESS THAT AYA CASH IS SWIRLING IN. Find me a link, pls.

Speaking of oils, if I’m just home working all day (which is most days) and I decide not to bother with makeup, I’ve been putting on this stuff and just giving it the day to soak in. I think I could easily toss a primer and makeup over it without fear of pilling, it’s sometimes just nice to walk around sloshed in an aromatic oil. Biossance is a good company, and they do not get their squalane from sharks (places do that!!!) and I have both the 100% squalane and the one pictured below, which is my current fav. I use it always after I have exfoliated more aggressively than usual (like if I’ve hit up Drunk Elephant’s Babyfacial, etc.) and it feels v nurturing and I wake up v glowy and plump.

I think this is fine, if you are a goof-ass teen, they’re being weird as shit:

My brother (24) and sister (17) do this really weird thing sometimes where they hug and kiss (on the cheek) for 10-20 mins. Like, she’ll be sitting on his knee (sometimes with her arms around him) while he’s doing work on his laptop and they’ll be hugging while talking or and kissing each other on the cheek. Sometimes they lick each other’s ear along with kisses on the forehead and stuff.

It’s just really really weird and it embarrasses me. They’d never do it in public or in front of others but it’s just so weird, like I’m a pretty unusual guy so if I say it’s weird, then it’s pretty damn weird.

So anyway I called them Jaime and Cersei Lannister to try and get them to stop. They took offence at that and were upset with me for like a day. Was I the asshole there?

Get stuffed, gramps:

My daughter is 12 and just started her period a few months ago. We were going out to dinner with my parents, brother, and my kids and their cousins. My daughter asked me to hold a tampon for her so she wouldn’t need to bring a bag.

During dinner, my son sat between me and my daughter. My daughter asked for her tampon and I handed it to her over her brother. I wasn’t flagrant about it but I didn’t go out of my way to conceal it either. We’re trying to teach our kids that there’s nothing wrong with normal bodily functions.

Well, my dad saw and lost his shit at the dinner table. Called me and my daughter disgusting and inappropriate, accused us of making my son uncomfortable, and told us we should keep those things private. He ended up alerting everyone at the table to my daughter’s period and made her incredibly embarrassed and upset. I left with my family and told my father he needs to apologize to my daughter and I won’t bring her to see him until she feels comfortable again. My brother has involved myself and told me that I’m being too harsh and that I should understand that he’s just from a different time. AITA?


My wife wanted me to post this because she thinks it is all on me. I am willing to find out if the majority think with her or with me.

Some background so that you realize I am not here looking for relationship advice. My wife and I have been married for over 20 years and with dating up to about 30 years. Our relationship is anything but perfect and our primary dynamic is bickering. Also I am a certified Lazy POS and my wife is a workaholic who will invent work to do if she doesn't have anything to do. So there is a rub as well.

On to our story. Arrive home from Costco. Unload the car and get everything inside, either on the counter or stacked up just inside the door. Wife starts working on the kitchen items and I start lugging all the heavy shit downstairs and putting it away. I get done with the heavy stuff, see that she has about 7-8 items left and I go sit down and turn on the TV. She see this and tells me that we aren't done and that she is still working and I need to come help. I tell her that I am done with my part (yes I know it is all part of it, but hmmmmm) and that she can finish up the light stuff. Here is the crux of the argument. I say that I finished moving the heavy things that she can't (or at least not without great trouble) move and I don't think I need to come help her with the rest. She, well within her rights I don't disagree, tells me to "get off my lazy ass" and help her with the rest. Bicker mode "Engage"!

I say that if she doesn't like the arrangement, I will unload the lighter stuff, which will take longer and she can deal with the heavy shit and that is acceptable to me, OR we can do it all together, meaning that we can both start with either heavy or light and do it all together. I said that either of those are acceptable to me, but griping at me that I am not doing my share when I am doing the things that she will struggle with or will be incapable of doing are not the same. She is not on board with either of those because the heavy stuff is too heavy for her.

So there we have it. Yes I know I am an asshole already. Pretty much prepared for that, but what I want to know from the community is if I am the sole asshole or is this an ESH where she bears some of the blame.

We both eagerly await your judgement.

EDIT- Trying to clear up some things.

  1. I AM LAZY! This is not from her calling me lazy. Or anything exterior. This is self-actualization. I KNOW I am lazy. I would rather not do things. This is not to say that I don't take care of my responsibilities. I am lazy when it doesn't matter. Clean the garage or play video games? Not a competition. Both cars fit in the garage. Nothing is in the way or causing danger. Fuck that. It doesn't have to be done right now. That kind of lazy. Not the snort cocaine, sell the TV and not have a job lazy.

  2. Relationship, therapy and counseling - LOL. Thanks for everyone's advice that I/we need to seek counseling immediately. I tried to make it clear that this relationship dynamic is part of who we are as a couple. It may sound bad to you, but it works for us. We actually love each other. We are each other's best friend. Let me know if you never argue with your friends. Now live with that friend for 20+ years and see how it goes. Not to mention, if you haven't before now, please see above. I AM LAZY! Divorce would be a complicated, time sink pain in the ass! Not to mention I would then probably have to date and try and find someone else. Then I would need to spend a year getting used to all that person's weird idiosyncrasies. Not to mention dating and all the hassles that come with that. PASS.

IATA - Looks like the consensus is I am pretty much the sole Asshole here. Damn. Fine. I will help her with the small shit. (Not that I normally don't anyway, but apparently it will look better to the therapist if we play the "he never helps put away the groceries" card instead. ;p) I maintain my right to bitch and complain about it however!

Thanks everyone. Today my wife gets to be the mayor of ITOLDYOUTOWN.

yeah this is hella illegal:

To explain the background: I tale medication at 8:30, noon, 4, and 10 and some days an extra in between. One of these medications is extremely harsh and causes dehydration and overheating which then causes a whole bunch of nasty stuff. I have a Dr note stating that I need to keep my water with me at work to avoid this.

One of my managers has been insisting that I cannot have water at work. I repeatedly have pointed out to her that I have a Dr note on file. She says it doesn't matter. On Thursday though she changed her tune and started saying that this note doesn't exist at all. Another assistant manager said that she absolutely remembered putting it in there and asked her why it would suddenly be gone.

She insists that I stop taking my medication all together, saying that obviously it does more harm than good and it's a problem for my workplace.

She told multiple other employees what medications I'm taking on Thursday. After the issue occurred with the sudden disappearance of my Dr note 3 other people approached me saying that she was complaining about me. All of them were to the tune of sigh "(my name) thinks she gets some kind of special treatment because she takes (medication). Doesn't she understand the rules need to be uniform!?"

And finally, any doses of medication that are needed while I'm at work she will not let me take. She even tried to confiscate my medication on Thursday

This is in Mississippi.

Now, some music videos (a reader asked me to say what the music videos are bc her computer doesn’t preview them, also, I am in a dancing movie mood today):

My baby (she’ll be two this summer), the one who is going to be a Theater Kid, expects everyone to know that if she says “LAUGH” she means you need to play this on your phone’s YouTube app or reap the whirlwind (“Make 'Em Laugh’ from Singing in the Rain):

Call me basic, but Center Stage will never be improved on:

Cab Calloway and the Nicholas Brothers (you may never see better dancing):

You know I’m in a Fosse thing now, deal:

See also:

The iconic White Nights duet:

Okay, I love you all SO much, let’s keep crushing it.