DISCUSS. What tattoos are you considering? I’m thinking '“I told you I didn’t want to go to this dinner” in Garamond wrapping around my ribcage.

(Also I am hugely upset about the mass shooting in Nova Scotia and started to have a panic attack yesterday which I basically never do so I thought I was having a heart attack and took a Klonopin and it did kick in and I’m okay now but still very upset.)

Other topics:

“The Last Dance” and what the FUCK is wrong with Jerry Krause.

“Underwater” and how it was better than I thought but also the ending offended me, I will say no more because spoilers but basically single people are humans too.

“The Staircase” and how now I honestly think he probably DID kill his wife but I’m not sure and also the prosecution did not hit the bar of reasonable doubt and they were right to overturn the first trial.

“Emma” and why I will not pay $20 to RENT IT, I refuse on PRINCIPLE. I would buy it for $20.

“Ford V Ferrari” is just Prestige Talledega Nights and that’s Fine and It Was Very Enjoyable.

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